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Bozhidar Sarboyukov topped the world rankings for the junior long jump

18-year-old Bozhidar Saraboyukov from Bulgaria won the long jump event at the 52nd “Academic” international tournament and set a new national record for juniors under 20 years of age of 7.96 meters.

The Cali 2022 (U20) World Junior High Jump silver medallist has made an impressive start to the winter season.

Bozhidar Sarboyukov showed exceptional long jumps and corrected twice the national record for this age in indoor. In his first attempt, he landed 7.83 meters, bettering the national indoor age record of 7.71 meters set in 1998. Saraboyukov’s second record was minutes later in the second round, when he cleared 7.96 meters.

With this result, Bozhidar Saraboyukov topped the men’s world ranking for 2023 and is positioned 18th in the all-time ranking for juniors, only 26 centimetres from the world record.