It’s a very great Servette FCCF which won 4-0 against YB this Sunday. The Servettians are off to a perfect start in this semi-final thanks to this victory at Wankdorf. Serrano, Simonsson and Korhonen (2x) defeated YB’s defense.

It was under radiant sunshine that Servette FCCF presented itself against YB at Wankdorf. The stakes were high since it was the first leg of this Playoff semi-final. Both teams are aiming for a title and this confrontation promises to be explosive. The last face-to-face between Servette and YB dates back to the final of the Swiss Cup, won 3 to 2 by the Genevans.

It was the Bernese who showed themselves more energetic at the start of the match. Ines Pereira had to intervene three times in front of Waeber, Frey and Krawczyk. But José Barcala’s players knew how to control their emotions to wait their turn. And when they had the opportunity, they hit it hard! Paula Serrano headed (34th) and Therese Simonsson (36th) gave the Garnet two steps ahead. In the game, the Servettians were better and defensively they were able to count on an intractable Ana Jelencic and a tireless Élodie Nakkach.

Upon returning from the locker room, the Genevans did not leave the slightest crumb to their opponents. And like in the first period, they struck twice in a few minutes. This time, it was Cassandra Korhonen who blackened the score sheet. A first time after being perfectly launched by Therese Simonsson and a second time on a shot from 30m under the batten. With these two new goals, the Swedish striker brings her total successes to 12 this season.

Servette FCCF then controlled the end of the match well despite the pressure installed by the locals. 4-0 is the score at the end of the match, the Genevans have a clear advantage ahead of the return match next weekend at the Stade de la Fontenette. But we saw it during the quarter-final, we will have to be 100% involved otherwise we risk wasting the great opportunity that the players have built for themselves today.

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