At Sportanlage Schachen, it took until the second half to see the Garnets unfold during a not-so-serene encounter.

As we know, traveling to Aarau is never easy. The Servettiennes have very regularly had difficulty overcoming Aarau on their land. And if the Garnets created the best chances, the Argoviennes also knew how to create a few, like this face-to-face win by Pereira in the 23rd minute. Moments before, Padilla had the 1-0 ball at the end of his foot.

It was not until half an hour of play to see Eric Sévérac’s players celebrate their first goal of the game through Padilla and a shot that hit the post before getting lodged in the back of the net.

On the return from the locker room, Servette will make the break shortly after the hour mark thanks to a sublime rolled up from Bourma which will end in the small net. Padilla will then offer himself a double by scoring with a header on a well-taken corner from Filipa then Clémaron will put the coup de grace in additional time. Aarau will even miss the goal of honor after a missed face-to-face in the final minutes.

The Servettiennes finally won 4-0 and totaled 9 wins in as many matches before moving to Yverdon next Saturday for the last match of the calendar year before a well-deserved break.

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