What an afternoon at Bergholz! Led 2-0 at half-time, the Garnet overthrew Saint-Gall in the second half and won 3-2!

However, the Garnets fit well into the game. The opportunities are slow to come but the possession is Servettian. The first opportunity will come from Mendes who sees his header stopped by Böhi. That’s when everything changes. Shortly after the quarter of an hour, Schärz tries his luck from afar and hits the mark for the locals. Servette will try to answer in stride but the head of Padilla is pushed back in extremis on the line. The Garnet grow but struggle in the conclusion. A few moments later, on the same occasion, Mauron, Sow and Padilla came up against an iron defense. This is when Saint-Gall choose to widen the gap by Aeberhard launched perfectly deep. The Embroiderers will return to the locker room with a 2-goal advantage.

After tea, the rain will make its appearance at Bergholz. What complicates the task of the two teams. Nevertheless, the Garnets leave at full speed with the ambition to return. An ambition launched first by Sow who had the opportunity to reduce the mark after a few minutes but his shot is too centered. Padilla will then take the lead but his cross shot will end up on the bar. Servette pushes and will finally be rewarded! Mown in the area, Korhonen will obtain a penalty that Padilla will end up transforming. Servette comes back to life and puts the pressure on. As time ticks away, Servette will get the trifle of 4 consecutive corners. And it is from the marvelous left foot of Agata Filipa that the equalizer will come: on a direct corner!

The end of the match is breathtaking and the Bergholz holds its breath. Éric Sévérac’s players continue to press and it is finally from Elodie Nakkach that salvation will come! In an excellent position, our n°6 only has to push the cook into the back of the net after an assist from Clémaron to the delight of the Servet bench!

The Servettiennes, who will not have given up, won with forceps and left Saint-Gall with 3 points! Now it’s time for the Swiss Cup semi-final against FC Zürich.

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