After a tight and tense first half, the Servetiennes played in the second half to win 3-0 against YB!

In the freezing cold of La Fontenette, the Servettiennes rolled over before being able to celebrate a goal. In a tense environment, the Garnets struggled to create chances in the first period. It is even YB who will be dangerous but who will stumble, and this throughout the meeting, on an Inês Pereira of the great evenings who has chained the very beautiful parades.

Despite everything, the Garnets managed to be dangerous in the 1st half, like Sandrine Mauron’s excellent recovery, which was slightly diverted for a corner. Padilla will even have the ball from 1 to 0 but she will just miss her face-to-face before tea.

Upon returning from the locker room, a completely different face is shown by the Garnet. And it starts with a strike from Mauron pushed back by the defense. More organized and disciplined, the players of Eric Sévérac will end up opening the scoring through Imane Saoud who will come to conclude a splendid collective action.

Servette leads and continues with a vengeance. First of all, Clémaron will come to register the 2 to 0 of the head on a splendid center of Padilla then Schnider will come to imitate his colleague a few moments later by placing an unstoppable header on a corner. YB completely cracks and will not see the shadow of a goal. The fault of an imperial Inês Pereira at the end of the match.

The Garnets therefore celebrate their 8th victory of the season in as many games and consolidate their place as leader before the trip to the cup on the weekend of November 19-20 against Wil.

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