At 10 for almost the entire match, the Garnets did not tremble to overcome Rapperswil with a score of 3 to 0.

Despite very good weather near La Fontenette, this afternoon could have turned into a nightmare for the Servettians. After only 2 minutes of play, Jelencic saw red after holding back the center forward from Rappi who could have gone on goal alone. What to give a blow? No way. The Grenat quickly took over the match through an untenable Imane Saoud who opened the scoring after a nice breakthrough on the right. Twirling on this right side, she will then assist Korhonen for the 2-0 before tea.

Calmer after the break, Servette will continue to look for the KO goal. As long as Korhonen and Spälti narrowly missed out on 3-0. But they were faced with an extremely well-inspired Saint Gallen goal this afternoon. Despite a good performance against the Geneva attackers, it was ultimately Sandrine Mauron who landed a magnificent half-volley into the top corner at the very end of the match.

At 10, Jose Barcala’s players will have put all their heart and character to make up for the surplus of Rapperswil which will not have been felt at any time during the entire meeting. Now time for another break with the international break before returning to the championship on Saturday September 30 with the reception of GC.

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