The Servettiennes will play their penultimate match of the year this Saturday at Sportanlage Schachen against FC Aarau Frauen.

Saturday November 5, 2022, date of the last day of the championship disputed by the Garnet and a 3 to 0 victory against YB. Since then, there has been an international break and a knockout round of the Swiss Cup won hands down against FC Wil with a score of 9 to 1.

This Saturday, Mendes and company travel to Aargau to face FC Aarau Frauen. The Servettiennes have won all the matches which had opposed them to the Argoviennes last season. With some difficulties all the same. A 2-0 victory at La Fontenette in the first round then two victories at Sportanlage Schachen with forceps (2-1 in the league then 1-0 in the first leg of the playoff quarter-finals).

And despite this 7th place in the standings at the moment, the Argoviennes deliver a more than correct start to the season with interesting results. Aarau was able to stand up to YB and Basel while having been able to dispose of Rapperswil and Lucerne. Among others. They even recently made it to the quarter-finals of the Swiss Cup by beating Oerlikon 2-0. The Aargoviennes will face FC Saint-Gall in this quarter-final.

The Servetiennes, in sparkling form, are warned. The Argoviennes intend to give everything this Saturday at home in order to offer themselves a Christmas present before the hour.

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