After the draw conceded against Zürich, it’s time for the international break for 5 of our Grenat. Sandrine Mauron, Coumba Sow, Inês Pereira, Natalia Padilla and Elodie Nakkach were selected with their nation.

Sandrine Mauron and Coumba Sow (Switzerland), Inês Pereira (Portugal), Natalia Padilla (Poland) and Elodie Nakkach (Morocco) took the path of their selection after the match against Zürich. Presentation.

Mauron and Sow against Padilla

Already qualified for the 2023 World Cup which will be played in Australia and New Zealand this summer, the Swiss team flew to Marbella for this international break during which they will face Poland twice. A double-confrontation between Servettiennes is coming since Mauron and Sow will defend the Nati while Padilla will defend the Polish colors.

Friday 17.02 – 3.30 p.m. – Estadio Nuevo Mirador, Algeciras: Poland – Switzerland

Tuesday 21.02 – 4 p.m. – Marbella Football Center: Switzerland – Poland

Portugal at the gates of the World Cup

For the goalkeeper of Garnet and the Portuguese selection, this international break will be crucial for the participation of the Lusitanians in the next World Cup. Portugal will first face New Zealand in a friendly match before crossing swords with the winners of the confrontation between Cameroon and Thailand. Portugal is therefore “one match” away from the World Cup.

Friday 17.02 – 07h (Swiss time) – Waikato Stadium, Hamilton (New Zealand): New Zealand – Portugal

Wednesday 22.02 – 07:30 (Swiss time) – Waikato Stadium, Hamilton (New Zealand): Portugal – Thailand/Cameroon

Two friendly matches for Elodie Nakkach and Morocco

Already qualified for the World Cup thanks to their splendid career in the Women’s African Cup of Nations, the Moroccans are starting their preparation for the World Cup with two friendly matches on the program. The first against Slovakia and the second against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Friday 17.02 – 3 p.m. – Emirhan Sport Center, Antalya (Turkey): Morocco – Slovakia

Tuesday 21.02 – 3 p.m. – TCB Stadium (Turkey): Bosnia and Herzegovina – Morocco

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