Servette is joined twice and concedes a draw at GC Campus.

The announced battle in Zürich has kept all its promises. On the one hand a Servette in the thick of it who has already beaten GC twice this season and on the other side of the Zurich women ready to do anything to avenge the elimination suffered in the cup.

And this match is off to a flying start. After only 2 minutes, Clémaron opens the scoring with a stung ball. The game has already started. A few moments later, it was Coumba Sow who illuminated the part of his technique. A magnificent sombrero followed by a volley that will end above the frame. GC presses but the Garnets have the best chances like Serrano and Mauron who will see their attempt being stopped in quick succession on the line. Coumba Sow will even have the ball from 2 to 0 at the quarter of an hour of play but his strike will only find the amount of Zurich. Finally it is GC who will take advantage of these few Servettian shortcomings. Rinast will lose a face-to-face with Inès Pereira before the referee designates the penalty spot on a later action. GC equalizes and both teams will have tea with a draw.

Returning from the break, Servette continues to take the game on her own. Mauron will in turn suffer a fault in the area but it was not enough for the referee of the day. Servette grows. Again and again. On a subtle combination between Filipa, Mauron and Padilla, it is finally the last mentioned who can restore the advantage to the Servettiennes on the hour mark. It is the turn of Eric Sévérac’s players to resist and to undergo the pressure put by GC who will be rewarded at the very end of the match. The Garnet will be surprised by a distant free kick that Cazalla Garcia will catapult into the garnet net to the delight of the locals.

Servette therefore concedes a draw against GC but remains undefeated in the league! The Garnets will host FC Basel next Saturday at La Fontenette at 6 p.m.

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