Servette FCCF qualified for the semi-final of the Playoffs! Led by FC Aarau Frauen 2-0 after 19 minutes of play, the Servettians were able to turn the match around to finally win 3-2. The Genevans will face YB for a place in the final!

Despite a big difference in level on the pitch, it was Aarau who surprised everyone by scoring the first goal of the game. Taking advantage of a favorable rebound, the visitors played well to deceive Inês Pereira (7th). The Servettians then created a good number of chances but they came up against an excellent Barth in front of his goals. The Argoviennes even scored 2-0 straight after having outpaced the Geneva defense, once again, against the short of the game (19th). The Garnet pushed to come back to the score, they struggled on the last move. Mendes, Serrano, Saoud and Tufo all came close to the 1st Servetti goal. It was ultimately Cassandra Korhonen who was able to deceive the vigilance of the Aargau goalkeeper. The Swedish attacker, ideally served by Tufo (34th) did not miss the target. The Genevans return to the locker room trailing 2 to 1.

After tea, the Garnets returned with the firm intention of overturning the score. Always dominant in the game, the Servettians once again showed themselves to be very dangerous. The excellent Barth in the Aargau goals held off the shock for a long time, repelling the Garnet attacks but had to admit defeat at the end of the match: firstly on a penalty from Korhonen then on a face-to-face with Rimante Jonusaite . The 586 people present at La Fontenette were finally able to express their joy!

This victory propels Servette FCCF to the semi-finals of the playoffs for the third consecutive year in three editions! The Servettians will meet BSC YB Frauen on May 12 for the first leg of the semi-finals before returning to Fontenette the following weekend for the return match!

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